Are you quick on your feet and a die-hard tennis fan? Do you want to share a court with some of the tennis greats? As a member of the ball crew, you become an integral part of the Cincinnati Open while building lasting friendships with your team and creating lifelong memories in the heart of it all. The tournament welcomes members of the ball crew from our local community and beyond.

Registration for the 2024 Ball Crew has closed.

Ball Crew Requirements

Ballpersons Receive

  • Ball crew photo credential
  • FILA uniform package; 2 shirts, 2 shorts or 2 dresses, shoes, socks, hat, and wristbands
  • Free parking in a designated area
  • Exclusive souvenir pin
  • Access to the Ball Crew Lounge which includes light snacks and refreshments
Novak Djokovic with a group of ball people


You will receive an email confirmation stating that your application has been received and is being processed.

All applicants that are required to try out (new ballpersons) will be notified of their acceptance status by July 1 of the tournament year.

All ballpersons are expected to work the first 5 days of the tournament (Sunday-Thurday) and should plan to arrive at least 1 hour before matches begin. Ballpersons are selected to work beyond Thursday on an as-needed basis. Several factors are considered in the selection of ballpersons to be on court after Thursday, such as availability, on-court performance, years of service, and general conduct throughout the week.

Yes. Even if you are out-of-state and are a first or second year ballperson, you will need to attend a two day training/try out session and be available to volunteer the first 5 days of the tournament.

All volunteers must arrange their own accommodation and travel. The tournament does not reimburse expenses. Discounted hotel rates are available for all tournament attendees here.

In addition to being on court with some of the best players in the world, benefits received include access to the Ball Crew Lounge, a souvenir pin, a FILA uniform, free parking at the event, select tournament tickets and a photo credential.

Each day, you are placed on a team with others similar in age and assigned to a specific court. We usually have 2-3 rotations of teams assigned per court and you will be with the same team throughout the day. Your team assignments will change day to day.

Ballpersons are expected to arrive 1 hour before matches begin and stay until the matches on the court they have been assigned are completed for the day. If there are delays due to weather, shifts can extend well into the evening hours.

As a ballperson, you will attend to the players’ needs while on court. However, it is important that you respect the privacy of the players and do not requests autographs or photos while in uniform.

Absolutely! You will make new friends, end up with some stories to tell, and have the experience of a lifetime. Apply today!

Still have questions? Contact Mary Conner, Director of Volunteers, at for any additional help.