Center Court to Undergo a Total Seating Transformation

Dec 13, 2023
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There’s no tennis experience quite like witnessing a match at Center Court in Cincinnati. The intimacy is unparalleled and the access to the world’s greatest tennis talent is second to none.

In 2024, we’re taking the Center Court experience to a whole new level.

Today, the tournament announced a total seating transformation of Center Court that will bring unmatched comfort and an undeniable upgrade for all spectators.

This is more than a few minor touch ups. This is the first of many major projects set to be complete in the coming years as part of a $260 million investment in the future of the tournament. The recent commitment to enhancing the Lindner Family Tennis Center also came with the pledge to keep the tournament in Cincinnati for the next 25 years.

Consider this the first step toward our future.

“Our intention is for every person who visits the tournament to enjoy a world-class, elevated experience,” said Bob Moran, President of Beemok Sports & Entertainment. “These seating upgrades will be an immediate improvement for spectators and are a signal of the continued investments and enhancements that will be made over the coming years.”

What to Expect

In the next year, each of the nearly 12,000 seats in Center Court will be removed and replaced to feature a brand-new seating experience. Significant changes will be felt by all, including:

· Top-of-the-line stadium seats in place of all bleachers

· Padded seat bottoms on all lower bowl seats

· Oversized, padded seats in all premium seat locations

· Armrests, cupholders and extra legroom for all seats

The tournament will also introduce an industry-leading premium offering, the Baseline Premier Box Seats. This first-of-its-kind experience will feature oversized seats with groundbreaking climate control, cooling technology along with built-in mini fridges for water and cold towels and access to the 1899 Club, which will offer all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The intimacy that’s become a hallmark of the tournament’s Center Court experience is being preserved with each and every change. In fact, 50 on-court seats will be added as part of the enhancements, providing our most up-close, personal experience yet for fans. These new seats will be sold on a full series and single session basis.

Even beyond Center Court, Grandstand Court will be improved with padded seats added to the entire lower bowl and oversized, suite-style seats installed along the north baseline.

All new seats, including the state-of-the-art, climate-controlled seats, are being provided by DreamSeat, a company that has previously partnered with the New York Mets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, the Intuit Dome (home of the LA Clippers) and more.

“We are extremely proud to partner with the tournament on this project and know that all tennis fans who come to Cincinnati for this iconic event will enjoy an even better experience with these new seats,” said Chandler Suprina, President of DreamSeat.

“The installation of the climate controlled, cooled seats will mark the first time a stadium or arena in the world has used such technology, and we cannot think of a better venue or a more innovative partner to feature them for the first time. These seats will truly be a game changer in terms of the fan experience.”

That’s what you can expect from the tournament from here on out. The experience you know and love will be back in all its glory, but bigger and better than ever.

In 2024, we’re changing the game, and you won’t want to miss it.

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