Cincinnati Open Returns

Jan 8, 2024
the lindner family tennis center

Before there was the Rose Bowl, before baseball’s first World Series, the first Indy 500, and decades before golf’s Masters, the best players in tennis came to Cincinnati, Ohio for a very special tournament.

It was called the Cincinnati Open.

Now, as it celebrates its 125th year, one of the world’s longest-tenured tennis tournaments is restoring its original name.

“Returning to Cincinnati Open as the tournament’s name is an opportunity for us to celebrate its rich history at a time when we are also focused on a bold future and taking every possible step to grow and enhance the event,” said Bob Moran, President of Beemok Sports & Entertainment.

“This tournament is known for its unparalleled access to the world’s best tennis players, Midwestern hospitality and passionate and loyal fans. The tournament is distinctive in that regard, and we’re proud to call it the Cincinnati Open.”

Rebranding the tournament comes shortly after its owner, Beemok Capital, announced the event will remain at the Lindner Family Tennis Center for the next 25 years.

The place matters, the people matter, the players matter. At the Cincinnati Open, it’s more than a spectator sport; it’s a connection, a shared experience that transcends the traditional boundaries between fans and athletes.

The tournament, which was founded in 1899, stands as a testament to the rich history and evolution of tennis that’s woven into the fabric of the Cincinnati region. With an eye toward the future, the tournament is investing $260 million toward on-site improvements as it prepares for an expanded player field and increased number of days beginning in 2025.

“In addition to our community partners, Warren County, City of Mason and the State of Ohio, we would like to thank our six cornerstone partners, including Western & Southern Financial Group, Credit One Bank, Procter & Gamble, Great American Insurance Group, Fifth Third Bank and Kroger,” Moran said. “Together, these partners will contribute to the growth and development of the tournament and the Cincinnati region, further establishing it as a world-class event and destination.”

When the tournament began in 1899, it was called Cincinnati Open for its first two editions, which were held at the Avondale Athletic Club where Xavier University sits today. Since 2002, the tournament had been called the Western & Southern Open, the ninth different name in the event’s history.

The names have changed. The game has changed. But one thing remains: the world’s best players and fans still come to Cincinnati.

Come be part of the Cincinnati Open, where every experience is a celebration of what has been and what’s yet to come.

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